Glass: Paintings/Mosaics/Fusing

I am drawn to working with glass because I love the rich colors, but I also love the inherent danger in glass.  The razor sharp edges will hurt and draw blood if not treated with respect! 

Many of the materials I use are scrap, broken, or left over pieces.  Some of my most beautiful glass is discarded, unique, hand blown.  

Making beautiful art from broken pieces is very compelling.

Both glass and mirrors reflect light, changing their message as the viewer moves, and as the ambient light changes.   The pieces are constantly changing, constantly in movement.

Layering colored glass and  mirrors creates sculptural pieces that have even more changes with light and movement.

Fusing glass is an act of mystery and magic.  I find it exciting that I don’t know exactly what the glass will do when it is melted; the lack of control, even with extreme care, over the alchemy makes opening my kiln thrilling.